Appenzeller Classic Silver Wedge [180g]

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This Swiss cheese is crafted in the canton of Appenzell, near the Austrian border. The art of cheese making is one of the carefully guarded traditions in the Appenzell region, the source of one of the country's great specialty cheeses. Tangy, mature-flavored Appenzeller dates back some 700 years. Weighing from 15 to 20 pounds, the wheels are taken to storage cellars soon after being made, where they are rubbed regularly with a mixture of water, white wine, salt and herbs. After it ages for approximately three months, Appenzeller achieves its ideal form: pressed, cooked-curd, brushed-rind cheese with occasional pea-sized holes. It has a pleasantly smooth texture, but this cheese's true allure is its fruity tang. This recipe gives the cheese its special taste, making it pair extremely well with fresh fruit but it also melts nicely. Great for snacks, appetizers and hot dishes.

A mildly spicy, mature-flavored semi soft cheese with a smooth texture.

180g/6.3oz prepackaged wedge
Product of Switzerland

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