Mifroma Le Gruyere [140g]

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This extra special delicacy from the Gruyere district of Switzerland and selected by Mifroma is well known as the basic ingredient in fondue. But with its delightfully nutty, spicy, full flavor, it is delicious as a table cheese as well. Upon eating Gruyere, one immediately recognizes the taste of whole milk that is used exclusively in making this grand cheese. We say it is grand because a whole wheel of Gruyere weighs about 80 pounds. In fact, it takes over 100 gallons of milk to make a single wheel of Gruyere! Enjoy this traditional favorite julienned into a chef's salad, melted on a hot open-faced sandwich, or, of course, in a classic cheese fondue. Won the Silver Medal in the World Cheese Awards.

What does AOP mean? Protected term of origin (AOP, Appellation d’Origine Protegée) represents a guarantee of a high quality product obtained, manufactured and processed in its area of origin.

140G (4.9oz) Product of Switzerland

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