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Sbrinz is an hard, aromatic cheese made traditionally in central Switzerland for hundreds of years.  It is FULL of intense flavor and delicious richness.

We are proud to offer an extra hard 24-month aged Sbrinz.  A full two years.  Anyone who is familiar with the hard cheeses of northern Italy will draw instant comparisons to this rare and unheard of Swiss delicacy!

Aging the cheese further than the minimum 18 month requirement further develops its assertive flavor into a full-bodied and intense addition to your meal.  Traditionally, Sbrinz is served as an aperitif or broken up into pieces (Möckli) on a cheeseboard. In more recent times, grated Sbrinz with its spicy aroma is perfect for adding a finishing to many pasta, risotto or gratin-style dishes.



One pound piece.

Aged 24 months.




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