Mifroma Tête de Moine AOP Shaved [100g]

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Tête de Moine AOP (literally “monk’s head”) is a specialty cheese with a history that dates back 800 years. A unique-tasting cheese with a unique serving style as Tête de Moine AOP is usually shaved into rosettes with a special cheese curling blade. Its full flavour is thanks to whole, unpasteurised cow’s milk from dairy cattle that graze all summer on the spicy herbs and grasses of the Jura mountain pastures, and are fed a diet of fragrant hay from the same rolling meadows in winter. These cylindrical cheeses are produced in village dairies throughout the Bellelay area - a designated area of origin that earns this cheese its AOP status. The cheese is matured on spruce boards for approximately three months, which also adds depth of flavor.

Get it conveniently ready-to-serve (shaved) in these 2-compartment (that can be opened individually) packs of a total of 100g cheese and add this visually pleasing specialty to your cheese board and get ready to impress!

100g (3.5oz)
Product of Switzerland

4 Reviews

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    It was supposed to last

    Published by Jacqueline Savard on 10th Jan 2024

    Having grown up in Switzerland I am ashamed to say that there are so many cheeses my Mom never bought. She grew up with 6 siblings, my grandfather was raising and selling pigs, my grandmother raised chickens. Some for food, of course. Opa had a side job as the Milkman. When I'd visit he'd take me 'zum Milchusmesse' every morning and it was a blast. I felt so special and grown up being allowed to help him. He had this humongous walk in cooler in the cellar of his house - cheese, quark, yogurt, butter..you name it, it was there. Coffee yogurt was my favorite - still would be IF I could find it. Back to the cheese - I ordered it before Christmas I think - it was supposed to be something special for that time. Well, it never made it that far. When I opened the package, my family was like cats hearing one open a can of catfood. Before I knew it, 'my' precious Tete de Moine was gone. I ordered more for another special occasion but that didn't make it either. I bit into a rosette and imagined monks making it 700 years ago. This cheese is THAT special. May I recommend you give it a try. In my humble opinion it's well worth it. But - if you have a family, may I suggest you buy enough for your special occasion. You know, so it doesn't disappear like mine ;) :D

  • 5
    Miam miam

    Published by Kira on 25th Jul 2023

    Quelle joie de déguster cette tête de Moine avec votre succulent pain.

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    Tête de Moine

    Published by Dominique Bereiter on 13th Mar 2023

    One of my favorite cheese to nibble, very tasty

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    Love Swiss cheese

    Published by Rolf on 20th Jan 2023

    As a Swiss Family spending a longer time in the winter month in FL, we miss our Swiss cheese. But we are happy to found Swissfavorites with a lot of Swiss cheese. Love it to have Swiss cheese from time to time eg. with potatoes or a piece of bred and sausage.