Ovomaltine Original [500g]

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The popular chocolate flavored malt powder which is mixed with hot or cold milk as a beverage.  It is a drink enjoyed by all ages, children and adults alike, as it contains many nutrients and vitamins. Fun Fact: ONLY Ovomaltine produced in Switzerland has no sugar added!

In 1865, the Swiss pharmacist Dr. Georg Wander founded the Wander company in Bern. He looked for a way of reducing high childhood mortality due to malnutrition and developed a malt extract. After Georg Wander’s sudden death, his son Albert – himself a chemist and pharmacist – continued to develop his father’s “power nutrition”. He enriched the malt extract with other highly nutritious natural ingredients (egg, milk and cocoa).

Ovomaltine was born and first introduced onto the market in 1904. At the time of its launch, Ovomaltine was still sold as a medical preparation in chemists’ shops. Soon healthy active consumers discovered the strength-enhancing effect of this revolutionary beverage. Sportsmen and women in particular appreciated Ovomaltine as a satisfying snack with a nice taste. Ovomaltine took Switzerland by storm and from 1906 the excitement spread to the world beyond.

500g can
Product of Switzerland

And, remember, "Mit Ovo chasch`s nöd besser - aber länger!"


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