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The Swiss Bakery Own Cheese Fondue Blend [26oz]

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The Swiss Bakery`s own special combination of classic imported Swiss cheeses for the ultimate fondue at home, including Gruyère, Vacherin Fribourgeois, Emmentaler, and Raclette! Add a Wurzelbrot or another dipper of your choice and enjoy!  Cornichons, onions, potatoes--the caquelon is your oyster!

To prepare, you need 1 package of our cheese blend and add:
10 oz. dry white wine
3 teaspoons cornstarch
1 oz. Kirsch
1 Garlic clove
Nutmeg, paprika, and pepper to taste

-Rub fondue pan, or caquelon, with pressed garlic clove
-Add some white wine and bring to a simmer
-Add cheese mix, a handful at a time.  Stir constantly
-Melt all the cheese and bring quickly to a boil!
-Dissolve cornstarch and Kirsch, and add to the fondue pot.
-Return to a boil one last time, stirring constantly!
-Add freshly grated nutmeg, pepper and paprika to your taste!
-Bring some fun around the table and stir periodically to keep the fondue blended

One packet contains 737g (26oz) of shredded cheese
Blended by The Swiss Bakery

13 Reviews

  • 5
    Cheese Fondue Blend

    Published by Walter Siegenthaler on 28th Dec 2023

    I usually bought the individual cheese types to make my fondue. This time I decided to buy the Cheese Fondue Blend and had it sent to my relatives where we had a large fondue party. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. The fondue turned out the way I as a Swiss expected it and I earned many compliments. It is a great blend of Swiss cheeses. I definitely will order it again.

  • 5
    Fondue blend.

    Published by Happy Gourmet on 10th Nov 2023

    Best on the market. Absolutely no comparison with store bought.

  • 5
    Great cheese mixture for FONDUE

    Published by Tara Glidden on 13th Mar 2023

    Best overall cheese mixture for fondue. We have Swiss friends and this tastes exactly like the fondue they make us when we visit.

  • 5

    Published by johanna on 20th Feb 2023

    The same taste as in Switzerland. thank you for selling authentic products.

  • 4
    Very Good Fondue Mix

    Published by Eileen McHale on 23rd Jan 2023

    I lived in Switzerland for many years but have been back in the US for over 20 years, looking to find the perfect cheese blend to make a consistently good fondue for guests. This mix was about as close to authentic Swiss -German types of fondue as I have had in the US . It isn't as creamy as the ones with more Vacherin cheese, but the consistency was good. I had to add just a bit more cornstarch and cheese and it was very smooth. I will continue to purchase cheese from this company . Service has been friendly and excellent.

  • 5
    Cheese fondue

    Published by Laura Simonson on 22nd Nov 2022

    Best cheese fondue I’ve ever eaten. I order it several times a year.

  • 5
    Superb Fondue Blend

    Published by Christian Prestegaard on 15th Jul 2022

    This is as good as any blend you'll get in Switzerland. While I'm not crazy picky, I've had lots of cheese fondue since mom was Swiss. I ordered a few cold packs to keep it stable and that worked well. They also ship in a thermal bags, which is nice. The taste is great and depending on your hunger, you should be able to do a dinner for 3 from a single bag. For the price I see good value for a top quality product.

  • 5
    Delicious! Delicious!

    Published by Lester Morris on 24th Jan 2022

    I was really excited to find this cheese mix and it was so good! The cheese was fresh, melted so well and we halved it for the two of us - no problem! We will be ordering again - and again - and again! Totally sold! You will not regret ordering this and great customer service.

  • 3
    Too Much Emmentaler Cheese

    Published by Richard Klein on 9th Jan 2022

    Better than anything you will find pre-packaged in the USA, full stop. With following the recipe you will achieve a thinner consistency than for my liking. The fondue is also a little bit heavy ony the Emmentaler cheese making it a bit stringy. If I have to guess (I have no idea so truly a guess) 1/2 Emmentaler and then 1/4 Grueyre and 1/8 Raclette 1/8 Vacherin Fribourgous. I'd gladly pay $42 for a better ratio of cheese and the corn starch/a hint of shredded potatoes already mixed in as most pre-made packages do in switzerland. Make it the premium packaged fondue in the USA. Super happy they are creating this new offering but I will be going back to purchasing my cheeses independently from Swiss Favorites/Swiss Bakery for now.

  • 5
    Great swiss cheese!

    Published by Unknown on 4th Jan 2022

    It had a great taste. Of course we added a very good white wine and German Kirsch!

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