Mifroma Emmentaler AOP [1lb]

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The famous cheese owes its name to the valley of the river Emme in the canton of Bern. Cheese production can be traced back to the 13th century in this location. Nowadays, Emmentaler AOP is produced in around 111 village creameries from fresh, untreated milk, sourced from cows who eat grass and hay and are never fed any silage feed. Around 12 liters of milk are required to make one kilogram of cheese. Additives and genetically modified ingredients are strictly forbidden.

The Emmentaler cheese-making process is an old tradition, using pure cow's milk and a maturation period of at least four months. This process allows the rind to develop in an entirely natural manner, enclosing an ivory-colored, mild, slightly nutty-tasting cheese with cherry-sized holes. Emmentaler from Switzerland is a delicacy on every cheese platter, a popular dessert cheese, and is a perfect melting cheese for warm dishes. It won the Silver medal in the World Cheese Awards.

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